Proyecto de una plaza, parada de autobús y cafetería en Santander

V Concurso Cátedra de Hispalyt.

2nd Prize. In Conjunction with Nuria Espina y Xabier Pujol

In the middle of the Chaos of the Station´s square, we propose a solution with only one gesture. One movement that include the bus stop and the coffe zone. One gesture that permits to cut the square in three different levels:

1. Lower level, where people can relax out of the transport´s visuals.

2. Floor level, dedicated to resolve the functionality of the site.

3. Upper level, where we propose a conection with the existing park and a protection for the rest of the proyect.

Year ago, trains were crossing the renfe´s tower passing by the site. We design a grip based on those old rails in which the new coffe furnitures could slide like a carriage

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