Malmi Station. Helsinki

Bullhorn-Cembrit Design Competition. Helsinki 2012




This project could be understood attending to two actions:

1_ A restraining mechanism: creates an identifying element that gives homogeneity to the project area. A unique piece (2860 x 510 x 15 mm) that modulates the intervention and could be used as pavement, facade, urban fitment (benches, lighting, bike parking, poster stand, entertainment element…). In Norse mythology, Loki or Loke is a shape shifter and in separate incidents he appears in the form of a salmon, mare, seal, a fly, and possibly an elderly woman. In the same way, the “Lokipiece” tries to be flexible being able to resolve all kind of situations.

2_ An approach mechanism: do not forget that Malmi is an intermodal station where the railroad tracks are a visual reference in the landscape. We designed a facade inspired by the train rails, keeping the old one in a new way. The undulation of the front creates interstitial spaces that could be used as a green area, as a chill out area… At the same time that space is designed for the maintenance of both facades, the pre-existent one and the intervention one.

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