La Filature

La Filature


Change of use from industrial to two dwellings
Scale 270 sqm
Location Lasalle, Gard, France
Stage On site
Client Family AGM: Adams Gardner Marier
Budget € 200000
Design Year 2012


A former silk factory – a ‘filature’ – in the south of France is currently in a ruinous state and is to be converted into two private holiday houses under one roof. This required the reconfiguration of the filature into social spaces of familial negotiation. When does a family choose to be public? Furthermore when and how can the individual family member retreat into privacy? It was decided to construct only private space in solid timber with the leftover spaces being common. The project also investigated two strategies: the vertical stacking of one house upon the other versus the horizontally placement of one house next to the other.

My position was project architect and included full management of the project; My responsabilities included client liaison, producing the tender package including mechanical, electrical and other services.



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