Pervan House

Pervan House


new build residence
Scale 250 sqm
Location Auckland NZ
Stage Design
Client Private client
Design Year 2005
The Villa OP is a reinterpretation of the historic timber weatherboard housing common to inner city Auckland. Here the urbanism is sparse (more like dense suburbia as found in Tokyo) and diverges from its English colonial origins in that houses do not form continuous terraces but are separated by ‘gaps’ in the urban fabric of approximately 1m. These gaps give the individual house, and thus its occupants, an autonomous identity.

The Villa OP is a simple weatherboard box. It has the minimum number of windows for cost reasons but also so that each interior space has a unique outlook. One bedroom features a large sky window such that lying in bed allows one to gaze at the wonder that is the southern hemisphere celestial sky. The variated weatherboard colours are ‘sampled’ from the neighbouring houses. A double car garage allows parking beneath the split level house to thwart the auto-house scenario found elsewhere in this suburb: front garden as car park.

My responsabilities included structural design in conjunction with engineers and details design according with the construction of the building on site.


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