Ellebo, Ballerup, Denmark. In conjunction with Al-arq

The aim of the Challenge was to encourage the development of sustainable building concepts in the Nordic region.

Apartment building, Ballerup, Denmark

A 50-year-old social housing complex in critical need of allround renewal. And a considerable business potential for good scalable solutions.

We understand this project as an opportunity to generate a private open space that increase the chances of entertainment and relax for the community during the long winter. With a simple gesture of building the new houses on the corners of the imaginary square, instead of doing it on the top as a penthouses, we get a massive free space on the fifth floor in which we propose a new close garden.

Because of the fact that it is difficult to enjoy outdoors during the cold season in Denmark, we considered this winter garden as one of the stronger part of the proposing. We provide for the community a place to practise sports (Football, Paddle, athletics, ride a bike, bowls…), a place where children could play or just a park from where people could enjoy the views.

This project is explained in six steps:

1_ Dwellings. The new houses are situated on the corner of the site, which allows as closing the outdoors area, making it more protected and provides an open corridor space on the fifth floor.

2_ Entrances. We respect the pedestrian and traffic existing entrances by extracting some of the proposed dwellings.

3_ Terraces. Every house (old or new) will have a terrace oriented to the sun. That means that the old houses will see their square metres increased as well as their comfort.

4_ Facades. Prefabricated black reinforced concrete will provide a homogeneous image between old and new dwellings. We difference two kinds of facades, ones oriented to the sun, and the ones that not. Basically they look like the same but the first ones are more opened, with two mechanism of solar captation (The “Green house effect” and “thermic mass”), and on the other hand, the North face´s facade, try to keep the energy as much as possible.

5_ Winter garden. Normally the roof top are missed so we understand this project as a great opportunity of changing that fact. The cold winter in Denmark won’t be a problem anymore for those who want to take advantage of the open spaces. Every house will have access directly to the new garden so it makes it so easy to use.

This space have a double function, apart from entertainment, during the winter it is a way of solar captation what it is means of increasing the building’s energy.

6_ The cover. Inspired on the traditional Danish houses, the cover of the roof is a transparent thermic canvas that seems composed by the addiction of little houses when in reality it is a unique space. The structure is a simple portico that it is repeated and turned around all along the space.

Furthermore, the roof slope allows us to situated translucent photovoltaic panels on the south and south-west orientation.

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